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If you have some more of these kind of pictures its time to digitize them and send them to the webmaster ... bring back the memories 'mates !

photos courtesy of Ramon Mijares and the webmaster ...

the looks of the 80's but the smiles remain the same ...


the officers and their mates este sponsors baja


jenny and agnes with the solemn look and identical eyeglasses ... nag sabot bagan kamo marajaw gani si dennis waya mag glasses pareha kan monrax


the proud graduation pose of the dudes ... yehey we made it class 81 ra gajod kami !


'iel and alvin at less than 100 lbs then ... how i miss my hair


the champion alumni basketball team in 1988 - hadlok sila ya na mahuman an duwa


the happy faces during the alumni basketball tournament parade ... siman gajod an muse si marysol or jeanit or both?


hmmm so what is this - the class 81 version of a fivesome :)


during one of those get-togethers which i cant quite seem to remember well except that we had it at the provincial convention center


the cool looks of class 81 meeting 10 years after ...


the only ramon among the babes ...


the beach looks of the dudes way way way before then ... its different now im sure


christmas in .... and during ..... whew i cant remember really


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