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About Us ...

The San Nicolas College High School Class of 1981 is composed of middle aged Surigaonons who belong to the generation born in the mid 1960's. Our common bond is having spent the best years of our youth in the high school campus of San Nicolas College under the tutelage of rich Christian formation and world-class academic standards.

Through the years we have grown and pursued varied interests, professions, skills and general outlook in life, but still and all we remain committed and in touch with our Alma Mater, our class, and the Nicolanian spirit. Like scattered mercury seeking each other to bond with the greater mass, like phoenix rising from the ashes we know that we belong and are proud to be a part of this great Class of 1981.

We are the generation who grew up under the martial law years.The generation who saw how people power came into being. The generation of the punk rock and new wave music. The generation when Sharon sang:  "...high school life oh my high school life how exciting kay ganda ..." The generation who ate maruya at the now defunct green house.

But most of all we are the generation and the class who will be the Silver Jubilarians in 2006 - the host of the Centennial Year Celebration of San Nicolas College - now St. Paul University Surigao!

The Story Behind this Site

Well, there is not much history yet regarding this site but the main story is of course to dedicate a space in the billions of bytes in cyber space for our very own SNC HS Class of 1981.